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CoLlAGe captures subtle anisotropic differences in disease pathologies by measuring entropy of co-occurrences of voxel-level gradient orientations on imaging computed within a local neighborhood.

CoLlAGe is based on the hypothesis that disruption in tissue microarchitecture can be quantified on imaging by measuring the disorder in voxel-wise gradient orientations. CoLlAGe involves assigning every image voxel a ‘disorder value’ associated with the co-occurrence matrix of gradient orientations computed around every voxel.

Details on extraction of CoLlAGe features are included in [1]. After feature extraction, the subsequent distribution or different statistics such as mean, median, variance etc can be computed and used in conjunction with a machine learning classifier to distinguish similar appearing pathologies. The feasibility of CoLlAGe in distinguishing cancer from treatment confounders/benign conditions and characterizing molecular subtypes of cancers has been demonstrated in the context of multiple challenging clinical problems.

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